Mindfulness Retreat

The struggle is real. Relief is possible.

Click here to register for the Mindfulness Retreat on February 10!

Visit www.korumindfulness.org if you have questions about the research that supports this model or questions about the purpose.


  1. Who is eligible to participate in Koru Mindfulness classes and retreats?
  • UofL students, faculty and staff are eligible to enroll in Koru classes and retreats, following the access links below.


  1. How do I register for a Koru Mindfulness & Meditation class or retreat?
  • Students register at Health Promotion Wellbeing Central website: www.louisville.edu/healthpromotion/services                                                                         Questions? Call 502.852.5429
  • Faculty & Staff have access to a separate set of Koru classes not available to students, provided by Get Healthy Now (faculty & staff programs). Send e-mail to: [email protected]
  • Another option for faculty and staff: a limited number of registrations are allocated for faculty or staff in each Koru Mindfulness class and retreat provided for students by Health Promotion Wellbeing Central and School of Nursing. To request registration, contact [email protected]


  1. Are there other mindfulness and meditation options on campus?
  • 20 Mindfulness Minutes sessions at various days, times and locations on Belknap and HSC. No advance registration required. View calendar of sessions at www.louisville.edu/healthpromotion/services
  • Faculty and staff may enroll in a 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) class, taught by Dr. Paul Salmon in the GHN Wellness Center.  Details at the GHN website

 More detailed FAQs can be found here