Monday, March 19, 2018

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Resilience Partners

Health Promotion & Education, a division of Campus Health ServicesLocation: Wellbeing Central SAC W309(502) 852-5429 Health ServicesBelknap Location: Cardinal Station, 215 Central Ave., Suite 110(502) 852-6479HSC Location: 401 E. Chestnut St., Suite 110(502) 852-6446
Mindfulness Retreat

Mindfulness Retreat

Join us as we learn different mindfulness and meditation techniques that help you be less stressed, show less self-judgment, sleep better and be more mindful. It's your life. Don't miss it.Students, faculty, & Staff: Click here...
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Stress and the student body

Rate this article and enter to winIf exam season is approaching, your class notes may be piling up and your calendar becoming crammed with study sessions and finals. Pressure? Ever feel like it’s too...
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True grit: How to push through and move forward

Rate this article and enter to winAs a student, you’re probably pretty familiar with stress. You might also have wondered why some of your peers on campus seem to handle their challenges relatively easily...